Join our campaign to get people talking about mental health. Together we can end stigma!

#IAMWHOLE 2017 is stamping out the harmful language that surrounds mental health in children and young people. With World Mental Health Day only two weeks away, now is the time to sign up to the campaign Thunderclap and follow us on Facebook.

Last year’s campaign saw Rizzle Kick’s Jordan Stephens travel to schools across the country to spread the campaign message, whilst celebrities including Ed Sheeran, James Corden and Dermot O’Leary also put their voices to the cause.

The campaign achieved numerous successes, including picking up The Drum’s B2C Campaign of the Year and a special mention from the Prime Minister’s Office. Most importantly, the mental health services website received almost 60,000 visits in the period after the campaign, meaning young people were actively seeking help and information.

Watch BrightVibes’ uplifting video on how events in Jordan’s life led to him becoming the face of #IAMWHOLE and an inspiration to all.