Kevin Richardson a.k.a the Lion Whisperer is unlike any conservationist you’ve seen before, and Spirit has been working with him to build a global brand on YouTube and beyond.

Since we launched it in 2014, the LionWhispererTV channel has earned almost 100 million views, over 200 million minutes watched and a subscriber base of over 950,000. Growing at 1,000 subscribers a day, the channel is going from strength-to-strength as it works with brands such as GoPro and Fixodent.


In Oct 2018, the channel launched an innovative subscription video on demand service on YouTube called ‘Membership’, where subscribers pay £5/$5 per month for more premium content.  The service has over 1,000 subscribers and they have access to longer form content from Kevin including ‘Operation Fang’ and ‘Hyena re-widling’.


In July 2018 the channel played a pivotal role in launching the Kevin Richardson Foundation, a charity set up by the Lion Whisperer to save African wildlife from extinction through education and conservation. Within just 30 days, the Foundation’s crowd-funding campaign reached its goal of £100,000, breaking the South African record for a crowd funding campaign.