Channel 4

What The Four (#WT4)

Create an interactive version of Channel4 news allowing viewers at home to ask the questions

#WT4 is an interactive spin off from the Channel4 News, fuelled by the young adults of todays society, produced by Spirit and ITN.

The show is designed to allow its audience to air their views (whatever they may be) constructively, around certain timely new debates, through the power of Twitter, as well as cast live votes via interactive polls.

Hosted by Jon Snow, #WT4 is streamed live directly after the evening news, on, YouTube and Facebook making it widely accessible and available.

Each live show will feature a special guest, whether they are from the heart of politics, or the world of celebrities. They will be discussing topical news stories along with a participating live studio audience.

More often than never, we’ve found ourselves shouting at our TV screens wishing those on the other side could hear what we have to say. With #WT4, now they can! The show aims to bring young voices and opinions together, making way for a society of shared understanding even though we may not all share the same way of thinking.

Two pilots:

1) 1pm show at lunch time
2) 8pm straight after the news

Very high engagement rate from a younger audience

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