TK Maxx


‘Me. By Me.’ for TK Maxx & StyleHaul


To create a short video that documents two well-known YouTube influencers testing TK Maxx clothing doing different activities in various weather conditions.


The influencers were taken to different locations around London to try and test their clothing, from a travelling on a speedboat across the Thames, to a long walk through the forest, to a night out on the town.


YouTube’s Fashion and Beauty influences Patricia Bright and Shirley Eniang partnered up to talk about their key pieces on clothing, why they chose them and how they styled them. They went in and around London to see how their styles worked while out and about.

Viewers got the chance to see Patricia and Shirley in completely different settings, especially when they’re so used to seeing them in their homes.


1 video (3-4 minutes)

1 Companion video for each influencer.