NHS – ‘We Could Be Hero’s’ campaign.

To produce a 2-3-minute public information video, presented by Zoe Ball, that will guide Brighton and Hove residents and visitors through what the NHS calls ‘urgent care’ health services in the city.

One 2-3 minute video that will be shared on the ‘We Could Be Hero’s’ NHS website.

At the heart of the campaign is a focus on promoting alternatives to A&E and celebrating people’s use of them, rather than explicitly deterring people from using A&E or being critical of those that do – i.e. by choosing the right service at the right time, we can all be heroes and help save lives.

Zoe Ball being a high profile resident in Brighton, makes her the perfect fit for this campaign to help generate public and media interest, and get the important message across on behalf of the NHS.

The video was promoted as part of the CCG’s ‘We Could Be Heroes’ 2014/15 campaign in the city and shown on the campaign website.