With World Mental Health Day 2017 marking a year since #IAMWHOLE’s inception, Spirit’s task for 2017 was to take the fight against mental health stigma in young people and children further and, in doing so, turn it from a yearly event into a perennial movement. If 2016’s campaign was about encouraging those with mental difficulties to speak out, 2017 was about stamping out the harmful language and negative stereotypes that might stop people from doing so.

#IAMWHOLE 2017 kicked World Mental Health Day off in style with an exclusive acoustic gig from Nothing But Thieves atop the BT Tower in central London. The event also saw Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan Stephens along with figures from Spirit and YMCA unveil the campaign video and Nothing But Thieves’ Broken Machine music video, which was recorded exclusively for #IAMWHOLE. As all this happened, the BT Tower beamed the campaign hashtag and logo across the capital from its giant LCD screens.

Support from celebrities and the public alike was incredible, with thousands joining the cause by tweeting, posting and submitting their own #IAMWHOLE submissions with the circle on their hands. This continued well into the evening, when Spirit and YMCA broadcast a Facebook LIVE video of all the highlights from day, including a series of case studies on mental health from around the country.

However, the campaign doesn’t end just because World Mental Health Day does. Keep an eye out for presenter, mental health counsellor, mum and author Anna Williamsons’ new book produced with #IAMWHOLE and YMCA, Flo and the Funny Feelings. Watch Anna read her story here, and download accompanying school resource packs at

#IAMWHOLE will continue to battle the stigma that surrounds mental health in young people and children by offering help and support throughout the year, including Mental Health Awareness Week 7-13 May 2018 so watch this space, or simply follow #IAMWHOLE on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


  • An emotive campaign video featuring the ever articulate Jordan Stephens
  • Nothing But Thieves’ orchestral rendition of Broken Machine
  • Nothing But Thieves LIVE & acoustic at the BT Tower
  • 6 YMCA case studies
  • 3 hour Facebook LIVE broadcast
  • A campaign Thunderclap that reached almost 4,000,000 people
  • 2 BrightVibes videos

Results as of 12/10/17

  • The campaign hashtag reached almost 13 million people on Instagram and Twitter on World Mental Health Day, with over 8,000 posts using it
  • The campaign film was viewed 46,000 times whilst the music video and teaser were viewed 70,000 times
  • The Facebook Live video was viewed 17,000 times and reached 55,700 people
  • The BrightVibes videos were viewed 650,000 times and received 7,500 shares