We created a 6×5 minutes All 4 series starring YouTube talent, Emily Hartridge.

It’s the age of extreme pressure – worrying about what you should have achieved, what you haven’t, and what you will never achieve. Emily’s just turned 30. She’s single, lacking career direction and still living in her overdraft. In fact, nothing in her life is settled, and she thinks it’s time to start hammering down who she really is.

Make no mistake – this is an early mid-life crisis and Emily knows it. Something has to change, and it’s going to be extreme. Emily’s determined to change what is meant to be the best decade of her life. She’s going to discover what she’s missing – and she’ll try literally anything to find it.


Oh S**t I’m 30! became what was our best performing production for Channel 4 yet, gaining 130,000 views in the first week alone, along with coverage in Verge and London Live.