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When your social media past comes back to haunt you, the impact can be life changing. Alice Levine meets people affected, and explores the growing trend of ‘Search and Shame’.

The stream of celebrities being called out for making offensive comments on their social media profiles is on the rise: Stormzy, Jack Maynard, Zoella – the list is growing. But public figures aren’t the only ones at risk of being caught out online. According to new research by YouGov, one in five employers have rejected a prospective job candidate because of something they have seen in their online activity.

Radio 1’s Alice Levine investigates the growing phenomenon of online shaming. She meets digital journalist Amelia Tait, who invented the term ‘Search and Shame’ to describe this trend, and has been documenting it over the past two years.

Alice also has a frank and deeply personal chat with Josh Rivers, who was recently fired from his job as editor of Gay Times when offensive tweets from his past were unearthed.

Graduate recruitment expert Dan Hawes reveals the specific things employers find off-putting on social media, conducting an in-depth social screening of two young people. We’ll also hear from 23-year-old Amber, who lost her job almost immediately after bosses saw a video of her on Instagram.