The second series of ‘How To Be Internet Famous’ goes live today on All 4. The series examines how  vlogging on Youtube and other platforms has become a billion dollar industry, turning normal people into millionaires and celebrities in their own right.

Vloggers are fast becoming the 21st century new breed of celebrity. A survey1 of 13 – 17 years olds claimed that Vloggers are more influential for this age group than traditional film, music or TV stars. Vloggers now dominate Most Influential lists across the world. Stylehaul’s vlogger Fleur de Force currently has over 1.1 million You Tube channel subscribers and 4 million views per month. Last year, Vlogger Zoella outsold J K Rowling with her debut novel Girl Online and last year alone Swedish Pew DiePie reportedly made over £4.5 million in 2014.

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The All 4 original short form series features 6 episodes and examines the secrets behind building an online empire and achieving internet superstardom from some of the world’s biggest Youtube stars such as Fleur De Force, Charlie McDonnell, SprinkleofGlitter, Joey Graceffa, Lily Pebbles, Karmin, Cat Valdes and more.

Each episode covers a different subject area. It includes:

– World’s Biggest Vlogger Meet Up – Enter the mayhem that is VidCon, the biggest vlogger and fan meet-up in the world

– Make a Million By Vlogging – How vlogging has become a billion dollar industry that turns normal people into millionaires.

– Frenzied Fans – The fans speak out and Doug Armstrong, Charlie McDonnell and other vlogging superstars talk about how they deal with the pressures of overnight fame.

How To Be Internet Famous is the second series which was created and produced by London based media company ‘Spirit’ and the world’s largest fashion and beauty channel ‘Stylehaul’

Fleur de Force, vlogger featured in the series, said:

“The vlogging industry is constantly changing and growing. People love Youtubers because everyone is unique and authentic with lots of different characters and personalities.”

Commissioning Editor Jody Smith, All 4 said:

“All 4 Shorts viewers are fascinated by alternative ways to make a living and this series reveals the secrets of how many young Brits have turned their passion into a career and provides an insider view from the big business end of the industry in LA.”

Watch the series here.