Oct 2018
Spirit’s hit podcast Private Parts with Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle is now available on Spotify! It became available on the streaming service in time for subscribers to hear Jack Whitehall join the lads...

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Jul 2018
The Kevin Richardson Foundation has just launched! Join the Lion Whisperer in his fight for #LandForLions and the future of their species. In the last 100 years lions have lost 90% of their former range. Scientists predict that...

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Oct 2017
Join our campaign to get people talking about mental health. Together we can end stigma! #IAMWHOLE 2017 is stamping out the harmful language that surrounds mental health in children and young people. With World...

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May 2017
Last night, we were at the HSJ Value in Healthcare Awards at Grosvenor House, London where our mental health campaign, #IAMWHOLE, was up for an award in the ‘Communication’ category. It was a very...

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Jun 2015
One half of cockney rocker duo Chas and Dave gave unhappy Eurostar commuters something to smile about. Despite major cancellations due a strike by French ferry workers, commuters were treated to a right o’ knees...

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Sep 2014
Spirit reached yet another milestone this week! Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube has reached over 1 million YouTube subscribers! The last 18 months have been non-stop with developing and sharing content. With features from DJ BBQ,...

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Mar 2014
Last week saw the latest event to take place during the awards season, The Oscars 2014, 86th Academy Awards. On Oscar night, as always, millions tuned in as the worlds best actors and actresses...

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