Michelle Heaton announces new YouTube channel EXCLUSIVELY with OK! Magazine


Today Michelle Heaton announced she has joined forces with Spirit Digital Media (the company behind Jamie Oliver’s Foodtube) to launch her own youtube channel:


It’s the logical next step for Michelle to take her quarter of a million Twitter followers, keen to know how she stays in great shape, whilst being a mother of two and working hard on her TV career.

It’s a place for Michelle to share what’s she’s still learning about being a parent as well as her recipes for healthy but tasty food and the latest fitness crazes she will no doubt be learning from her fitness Guru husband Hugh Hanley and so much more!

This is what Michelle had to say about her new venture:

‘My channel is all about my life: the day to day juggling of my job, being a Mum and a wife, as well as just trying to be as happy and healthy as I can.

So what’s going to be on my channel I hear you ask?

Well, I’ll be sneaking my camera into lots of glam events and parties I’m lucky enough to get invited to, to give you a behind the scenes sneaky peak. I will also help you re-create as many looks as I can, with tips on fashion, hair and beauty.

I’m also a qualified health and fitness instructor, so as it’s very important for us all to stay healthy, I’m going to be doing lots of videos about keeping fit and ‘eating well to remain well’ too!  We all like to look the best we can – but it’s hard to find the time! I’m going to share some tips and shortcuts to make some great, easy but food that’s also good for you!

You can also join me on my mission to becoming a better parent, so there’ll be videos about my journey as a Mum that will hopefully prove useful to other Mums out there. It might be trying out new products or advice – but we’ll all do it together!

I’m really excited about this venture because YouTube is a game changer for someone like me who is never afraid to be my candid self, so fingers crossed I think I’ll be a good fit!

And I’m really chuffed to be working with Spirit Digital Media on this, they’re at the forefront of what’s happening in digital entertainment and together I really think we can do something exciting.’

Tune in from Saturday 8th November to see what Michelle has been up to!

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