Spirit are teaming up with BrightVibes to help create content for their Facebook page: https//www.facebook.com/BrightVibes.

With almost a million followers already, the page aims to put smiles on faces and counter the negativity relentlessly pumped out by news networks. Whether they’re telling untold stories of achievement, celebrating extraordinary actions from ordinary people or praising charities and movements that do good for society, BrightVibes are countering the doom and gloom every way they can.

Spirit and BrightVibes have teamed up a number of times before, including promoting #IAMWHOLE with a video focussing on the life of Jordan Stephens and his relationship with mental health. We’ve also produced a handful of short social videos on celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Jackie Chan and Kevin Richardson, a.k.a. The Lion Whisperer.  

Watch this space (and perhaps their page) for updates!