Audience Building & Digital Distribution

Spirit builds digital/social audiences and communities to drive more views/listens to the content we produce as well as keeping a direct relationship with our audience.

In the era of self-publishing and the need to engage potential viewers where they spend most of their time, it is increasingly important that producers can attract an audience to the content they produce and/or distribute their content to where the best chance of being viewed will take place.  As well as building audiences to our own properties, our clients and partners often ask us to help them as well.

Through our experience we have built a framework to help ourselves and our partners:

audience building

We build audiences through:

A few of recent examples:

BrightVibes UK Facebook

  • BrightVibes has over 1.4m Facebook followers
  • Spirit has just launched BrightVibes UK
  • Spirit uses a mixture of relevant original video production and outreach to other similar sites to build its UK audience
  • See


LionWhispererTV YouTube channel 

  • Spirit has worked with Kevin Richardson (AKA the Lion Whisperer) since 2014
  • Spirit has grown the channel to >950k YouTube subscribers without the need for any paid promotion
  • Kevin self shoots content from his sanctuary in South Africa and sends them to Spirit for post-production
  • Spirit uses a mixture of original video, YouTube SEO and community management to build the channel audience
  • See

private parts

Private Parts Podcast

Spirit is YouTube Certified which means our staff have passed YouTube exams focused on audience building on their platform.


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