Multi-platform production & Audience Building

Audience Building & Digital Distribution

Spirit are experts at audience building.

Spirit builds digital/social audiences and communities to drive more views/listens to the content we produce as well as keeping a direct relationship with our audience.

Through our experience we have built a framework to help ourselves and our partners build audiences:

We build audiences through:

A few of recent examples:

BrightVibes UK Facebook

  • BrightVibes has over 1.4m Facebook followers
  • Spirit has just launched BrightVibes UK
  • Spirit uses a mixture of relevant original video production and outreach to other similar sites to build its UK audience
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LionWhispererTV YouTube channel 

  • Spirit has worked with Kevin Richardson (AKA the Lion Whisperer) since 2014
  • Spirit has grown the channel to >800k YouTube subscribers without the need for any paid promotion
  • Kevin self shoots content from his sanctuary in South Africa and sends them to Spirit for post-production
  • Spirit uses a mixture of original video, YouTube SEO and community management to build the channel audience
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private parts

Private Parts Podcast

Spirit is YouTube Certified which means our staff have passed YouTube exams focused on audience building on their platform.


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