Spirit & UNILAD have entered into an agreement to co-develop programmes and formats, which will be distributed first on digital through UNILAD’s platforms.

With a core Facebook audience of over 38 million globally, UNILAD is the world’s pre-eminent social news and entertainment brand.  Together, Spirit and UNILAD will create innovative, next generational content, responding to the evolving way audiences consume media.

This partnership is a unique opportunity to test ideas in front of a huge, engaged audience, with successful formats and programmes being able to migrate and adapt for other platforms including broadcast, OTT and digital publishers.  We will be able to see which audience engages with the format from the performance of the post, proving there is interest in the creative to broadcasters.

Spirit have extensive experience in both broadcast and digital first programme making, including the 2016 & 2017 return of Trigger Happy, produced via Shady Cabal, the label they own with comedian Dom Joly.  The show quickly became All 4’s most successful digital first commission to date.

Together, Spirit and UNILAD will grow audiences for original, entertaining and scalable content that can adapt for a variety of different mediums.

This partnership will prove the appetite for content among specific demographic groups and will make successful programmes and formats a highly desirable proposition for traditional commissioners.

A link to the press release is here



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